How to Use

Creating a Backup File

It is a good idea to back up your LogCard data periodically. The Create Backup File option allows you to do this very quickly. The file type this option creates is an .lcb file, which stands for LogCard Backup.
Note: The Concept2 Utility automatically creates an .lcb file if it encountered and fixed an error on the LogCard while performing any of the Concept2 Utility functions. For more information about these backup files, refer to Repairing Damaged LogCards.

  1. Connect your PM or card reader to your computer and insert your LogCard into it.
  2. On the main Concept2 Utility window, click Maintain LogCard > Create Backup File.
  3. The Concept2 Utility displays the default location and name of the data file it will create:
    • To change a file location, click Browse, and select a new location on your computer.
    • To change the name of the backup file that will be created, type a new file name in the file name box, but leave the ".lcb" extension.
  4. Click OK.