Known Issues


Installation: On some Windows computers, the installation process will seem to 'disappear' and not have done anything. This is an unresolved issue with InstallShield. If this occurs, please wait; it will likely reappear and continue the installation process. The wait time can take up to 15 minutes. This applies to all versions of Windows.

Polar Users: Polar WebSync (software used to transfer data from Polar products to the web service) prevents the Concept2 Utility from communicating with the PM3 or PM4. If WebSync is running before the Concept2 Utility is launched, the Concept2 Utility will continue displaying a red X over the PM icon until WebSync is closed. Close WebSync, and the Concept2 Utility will immediately begin communicating with the PM3 or PM4.

Version 6.54 Known Issue

Running the Concept2 Utility in a language other than English may prevent the ability to upload workouts. Version 6.55 resolves this issue. If you are having difficulty with uploading workouts, please update to 6.55 or later.

Version 6.40 Known Issue

The Concept2 Utility for Windows Version 6.40 uses a slightly different method from previous versions for recognizing that a Performance Monitor has been plugged into a computer. In rare instances during a firmware update, this new method stops working. If this occurs, follow the procedure listed on the PM3 and PM4 Troubleshooting pages.

Version 6.30 Known Issues

Issue 1

When you first launch the Concept2 Utility and have it read your LogCard, the checkboxes that allow you to select workouts to be uploaded are not displayed by default. To reveal the checkboxes, click the LogCard user's name or click the checkbox next to the LogCard user's name.

Issue 2: Applies to Mac Snow Leopard Users

The following symptoms may occur for Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) users who install the Concept2 Utility when Apple’s translation software Rosetta is not installed on the computer:

  • The following error dialog box may appear: “To open FindUID you need to install Rosetta. Would you like to install it now?”
  • 13 instances of the above dialog box may open.

To resolve this, click Not Now on each instance of the dialog box. The Concept2 Utility will install successfully and can be used normally.

If you click Install, Apple will install the Rosetta compatibility software. This is not necessary for running the Concept2 Utility.

Version 6.21 Known Issues

Issue 1

Some users with Windows Vista have reported an error with the original build of the Concept2 Utility Version 6.21. The error message that results is: “The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect.”

This error was due to an issue with how Version 6.21 was originally compiled. As of July 7, 2008, Version 6.21 has been recompiled to eliminate this problem. If you encounter this problem, please update to the latest version of the utility.

Issue 2

The Concept2 Utility contains a bug in the logic that determines how far back to accumulate history. The history can potentially go back more than 12 months if there are historical months with no meters rowed. This is not a destructive bug; it is simply an issue with how the utility adds up the totals in the workouts and stores them in the dynamic user area.

Although this issue was discovered while Version 6.21 was in general release, it is possible that this issue is present in all prior Concept2 Utility versions. This issue is fixed in Versions 6.22 and later.

Version 6.20 Known Issues

The Concept2 Utility Versions 6.12–6.20 contain a bug where certain workouts will be reassigned a new date in the recent past. This happens if the workout logged is in the future compared to the clock on the computer running the Concept2 Utility.

Version 6.10 Known Issues

The Concept2 Utility Version 6.10 is not compatible with PM3 Firmware Version 97. If you plan to use your PM3 to interact with the Concept2 Utility, you will need to upgrade your PM3 to the latest firmware version.

Version 6.00 Known Issues

  • After running the application for several minutes, it may lose connectivity with the Online Logbook server and produce errors when trying to log in or upload data. If this occurs, close and reopen the Concept2 Utility.
  • On Windows 2000, the Concept2 Utility will not save the settings for Lightweight or Slides unless you log into your computer using an administrator account.

Version 5.00 Known Issues

The following are known issues with Version 5.00 of the Concept2 Utility:


  • In some instances, erasing workouts prior to a specific date corrupted variable interval workouts on the Favorites menu.


  • In some instances, erasing workouts prior to a specific date corrupted variable interval workouts on the Favorites menu.
  • On Intel Macs, the PM may not display all messages during a firmware update.