Microfiber Suede Grips

We are now offering a new option for sweep oars! Microfiber Suede grips have a soft texture and are fitted on an adhesive-backed synthetic layer. The grip is easy and inexpensive to replace—no tools are required!

In fact, we recommend our Microfiber Suede sweep grips over our Blue Cellular Foam grip, as many customers have confirmed our opinion that the grip and feel of the suede is better than the blue foam. Both the suede and blue foam feature a surface that is slightly absorbent, and both will wear out much faster than the very durable green rubber grips. However, the suede is easier and less costly to replace than the blue foam: the suede replacement grips come as an adhesive backed sheet; to replace, peel off the old grip and roll the new grip on. There are a few simple instructions to follow for best results.

The frequency of replacement will vary with use, environment and individual differences, and we recommend having spare suede grips on hand.


  • Available with our Length Adjustment System only
  • 37 mm outside hand diameter
  • 40 mm inside hand diameter
  • Requires more frequent replacement than our other grip options

Call our customer service team at 800.245.5676 for more information or to order.