2012 Olympic Games

Concept2 has had ties to FISA world rowing events since the 1977 World Championships when the US Women's Pair, Anne Warner and Anita DeFrantz, agreed to row with Dreissigacker Oars…and we've been at every major event since. In the 2012 London Olympics, Concept2 oars were used by 64% of gold medalists overall and 83% of finalists in the sweep events!

Congratulations to all the rowing medalists in the 2012 Olympics.

Boat Class Abbreviations

"x" indicates a sculling boat, where each rower holds two oars referred to as "sculls." An abbreviation with no "x" indicates a sweep boat, where each rower holds one oar called a "sweep."

Sweep boats either have a coxswain (indicated by a "+") to steer the boat and advise on race tactics, or not (indicated by a "-").

The abbreviation after each rower's name indicates their position in the boat. Each rower is numbered in sequential order starting with low numbers at the bow "(b)" and counting up to the stern "(s)." "(c)" indicates the coxswain's position.

  • M1x: Men's Single
  • M2-: Men's Coxless Pair
  • M2x: Men's Double
  • M4-: Men's Coxless Four
  • M4x: Men's Quad
  • M8+: Men's Eight
  • LM2x: Lightweight Men's Double
  • LM4-: Lightweight Men's Coxless Four
  • W1x: Women's Single
  • W2-: Women's Coxless Pair
  • W2x: Women's Double
  • W4x: Women's Quad
  • W8+: Women's Eight
  • LW2x: Lightweight Women's Double
M1x [+]
Silver CZE Ondrej Synkek (b)
M2- [+]
Gold NZL Eric Murray (b), Hamish Bond (s)
Silver FRA Germain Chardin (b), Dorian Mortelette (s)
Bronze GBR George Nash (b), William Satch (s)
M2x [+]
Silver ITA Alessio Sartori (b), Romano Battisti (s)
Bronze SLO Luka Spik (b), Iztok Cop (s)
M4- [+]
Gold GBR Alex Gregory (b), Pete Reed (2), Tom James (3), Andrew Triggs Hodge (s)
Silver AUS William Lockwood (b), James Chapman (2), Drew Ginn (3), Joshua Dunkley-Smith (s)
M8+ [+]
Gold GER Filip Adamski (b), Andreas Kuffner (2), Eric Johannesen (3), Maximilian Reinelt (4), Richard Schmidt (5), Lukas Mueller (6), Florian Mennigen (7), Kristof Wilke (s), Martin Sauer (c)
Silver CAN Gabriel Bergen (b), Douglas Csima (2), Rob Gibson (3), Conlin McCabe (4), Malcolm Howard (5), Andrew Byrnes (6), Jeremiah Brown (7), Will Crothers (s), Brian Price (c)
Bronze GBR Greg Searle (b), Alex Partridge (2), Constantine Louloudis (3), Mohamed Sbihi (4), Tom Ransley (5), Richard Egington (6), Matt Langridge (7), James Foad (s), Phelan Hill (c)
LM2x [+]
Gold DEN Mads Rasmussen (b), Rasmus Quist (s)
Silver GBR Zac Purchase (b), Mark Hunter (s)
LM4- [+]
Gold RSA James Thompson (b), Matthew Brittain (2), John Smith (3), Lawrence Ndlovu (s)
Silver GBR Peter Chambers (b), Rob Williams (2), Richard Chambers (3), Chris Bartley (s)
Bronze DEN Kasper Winther (b), Morten Joergensen (2), Jacob Barsoe (3), Eskild Ebbesen (s)
W1x [+]
Gold CZE Mirka Knapkova (b)
Silver DEN Fie Udby Erichsen (b)
Bronze AUS Kim Crow (b)
W2- [+]
Gold GBR Helen Glover (b), Heather Stanning (s)
Silver AUS Kate Hornsey (b), Sarah Tait (s)
W2x [+]
Gold GBR Anna Watkins (b), Katherine Grainger (s)
Silver AUS Kim Crow (b), Brooke Pratley (s)
W4x [+]
Silver GER Julia Richter (b), Carina Baer (2), Annekatrin Thiele (3), Britta Oppelt (s)
W8+ [+]
Silver CAN Janine Hanson (b), Rachelle Viinberg (2), Krista Guloien (3), Lauren Wilkinson (4), Natalie Mastracci (5), Ashley Brzozowicz (6), Darcy Marquardt (7), Andreanne Morin (s), Lesley Thompson-Willie (c)
Bronze NED Jacobine Veenhoven (b), Nienke Kingma (2), Chantal Achterberg (3), Sytske de Groot (4), Roline Repelaer van Driel (5), Claudia Belderbos (6), Carline Bouw (7), Annemiek de Haan (s), Anne Schellekens (c)
LW2x [+]
Gold GBR Katherine Copeland (b), Sophie Hosking (s)
Silver CHN Dongxiang Xu (b), Wenyi Huang (s)
Bronze GRE Christina Giazitzidou (b), Alexandra Tsiavou (s)

New Zealand Men's Pair