Your Chance to Try Biathlon!

Aug 02, 2010

World Junior Biathlon Championships, Sweden, 2010

I first tried the sport of Biathlon about ten years ago when my kids were learning it. I figured that if I was driving them an hour to the firing range twice a week, I might as well learn to shoot myself. I’ve even raced a few times—and done more than my share of penalty laps. I have great respect for good biathletes who are able to ski fast and come into the range and hit lots of targets. To read more about the sport and the US Biathlon team, visit

It’s a wonderfully challenging sport and now you can try it, thanks to a feature that we’ve just added to the Performance Monitor. You don’t need snow: you can use a SkiErg, or even an indoor rower to simulate the skiing laps. For the marksmanship aspect you can use a laser rifle, a paintball gun, darts, snowballs, whatever. The new program allows you to choose the length of your race laps, prompts you to enter the number of penalties assessed and adds the penalty distance to your workout. Your final elapsed time will be displayed at the end. More details, including how to download a beta version, are available at

Greg and Trevor racing in the Concept2 Workout Room

As we were developing this new feature, we realized that it had applications beyond biathlon that would appeal to users for a variety of purposes. Think of it as an interval workout with undefined rest. Perhaps you are a coach who wants your team to do a distance interval workout where everyone starts each interval at the same time, regardless of how long it took them to row the previous one: the faster rowers get a little more rest and the slower rowers a little less so that they can all start at the same time. Undefined rest makes this possible. Or you might be a CrossFitter ( doing a WOD that requires you to do certain other exercises in between bouts of rowing, all as fast as you can. Or maybe you like to alternate between intervals on the indoor rower and intervals on the SkiErg. (This has become one of my favorite workouts!) These are just a few examples of how the new feature can be used. You can read more about it, including directions for downloading and use, at

Here’s where you choose “Continue” when you’re done with your undefined interval.

It’s a new feature and we’re eager to get feedback from early users of this beta version. We encourage you to give it a try and let us know how you like it. Thanks!

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