The Volunteer Spirit: Firewood for Fall

Jun 17, 2010

Concept2 employees are very active in the local community helping out neighbors through volunteer projects.  This week, Concept2 helped out with a local firewood project.  Firewood is a valuable heating source to many residents up here in Vermont, and is sometimes preferable to the high costs of fuel.

C2 volunteers splitting and piling wood

This local firewood project, coordinated by the United Way of Lamoille County, RSVP and the Volunteer Center, helps local income-eligible Lamoille County residents.  Participants receive a cord of firewood in the fall that has been donated, split, and delivered by local volunteers from their community.

Fourteen Concept2 employees (and their families) donated their time splitting and stacking wood this past week.  Thanks to the borrowed equipment, strong bodies, and helpful smiles that contributed to the event!

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