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Oct 23, 2012

We first started sending out our Ergo Update newsletter back in December of 1982. The first issue was largely dedicated to covering the first-ever CRASH-B Sprints. It was a single 8.5 x 14” double-sided sheet.

As our customer base grew to include many people who weren’t on-water or competitive rowers, we expanded the Update to include a broader range of stories and information. By Spring 1991, the Update was an 8-page booklet; by Fall 1992 it had jumped to 12 pages. We first hit 16 pages in Fall 1994.

Meanwhile, the internet had been gaining ground and acceptance. In an effort to reduce our paper use and take advantage of current technology, we began moving toward online newsletter options in Spring 2007. Initially, we gave customers the option of receiving the Update by e-mail rather than postal mail. As more and more people took this option, we made the jump in 2009 to an online-only Spring Update and produced it as an e-zine electronic newsletter.

Throughout all these years, we published the Update just twice per year. Now, with a goal of giving you more timely information, we’re about to make the transition to a quarterly e-mail newsletter. This new Update will have a shorter format, with links to longer stories and additional info.

You may receive this postcard from Vermont to remind you to sign up for the new e-mail Update.
Watch your mail for this postcard, reminding you to sign up for the e-mail Update.

With this change imminent, we want to make sure we have an e-mail address for anyone who would like to receive this newsletter. To sign up, please visit concept2.com/update by November 14. It’s fast and easy.

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