An Update on the Dynamic Erg

Aug 18, 2010

We’re at the next step in the development of the Dynamic Erg: we’re assembling some pre-production prototypes!

These machines are being constructed in the same way that we would build them in production—giving us a chance to decide whether any further refinements need to be made before production. In fact, we already have a few changes in mind such as handle hook design, part simplification, easier assembly, etc.

This round of machines has also given us a chance to make a few further tweaks to the feel of the drive, and we are excited to say that it’s even better (more boat-like) than the previous prototype.

One goal of this round is to address the details of how the machine will ship and be assembled at its destination. These are designed to ship in two boxes so they can be delivered by UPS. The erg will arrive as five assemblies that will be pretty simple to bolt together.

Note: These pre-production machines are not for sale, but this process is keeping us on track to be ready for the winter 2010–2011 indoor season. We will keep a few of these machines at Concept2 for continued in-house testing and the rest have been sent to a few select sites for further testing, feedback, and evaluation.

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The water may be a bit too cold here in VT, but functional elevated heart rate deck furniture is in! Our employees at Concept2 are raring to play outside. While some were hiking to ski, others were getting meters in! #Concept2

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