Top Ten Signs You’re Ready for Spring Racing

Apr 09, 2014
There may still be snow, but the lakes and rivers are open

Crews are pushing their ergs to the corners of the boathouse and setting their sights on trading shirts and golden medals. Has this winter made you stir crazy? Here's our Top Ten List of "Signs You're Ready for Spring Racing."

10. You're still feeling lightheaded from the fumes of painting all your blades with team colors.

9.  You sleep in your spandex, because it's just easier.

8.  You've put your pogies away for the season.

7.  You still own all of your trading shirts.

6.  You are so tired of head races, a 2k sounds fun.

5.  You lose sleep over seat racing.

4.  When friends ask you questions, you only respond in coxswain calls.

3.  It's above 32 degrees, and you're dressed so that you can get uni tanlines.

2.  You've run out of memory on your Concept2 Logcard.

1.  Your hands are so callused, they give the oar grips blisters.

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