#ThisIsMySport Week 4

Apr 23, 2015

We loved seeing all the creative entries this week for #ThisIsMySport. We received many beautiful (and fierce) on water racing photos, as well as some great posts of indoor training. Kate chose her favorites:

We're now in our last week of #ThisIsMySport, so send in your best photos to win! To enter, tag your best #ThisIsMySport posts on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. T-shirts, rowing schwag, and special prizes will be awarded! This week's judge is David Hart, from our Web and Marketing teams:

About David

  • Current number of cats: One.
  • Last sporting achievement: Victory in the 2014 Breaston 5-aside Football Tournament.
  • Photographed: Rarely. Can be occasionally spotted at indoor rowing races, often chewing a pen.

Start sharing and tag your post with #ThisIsMySport to enter and win!


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