Employee Profile: Sue Zukswert

Feb 12, 2014

Sue Zukswert "carries her weight" around Concept2

Sue Zukswert’s role as IT Specialist for Concept2 is a perfect fit. “I love tending my electronic garden of hardware to keep things running,” she says, not to mention that she works alongside her husband, Don, the other half of the Concept2 IT Department. But in fact, Sue followed a remarkable path to pursue her career in IT, which began when computer skills were almost unheard of. Continue Reading ›

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Employee Profile: Jennifer Wilson

Aug 19, 2013

Jennifer Wilson joined Concept2’s Customer Service Team in 2003 after learning about the job from long-time friend and one of the first Concept2 employees, Bob Beeman. She grew up in neighboring Hyde Park, but now boasts the “Lives Closest to Work” title, living only 3/10 of a mile from our offices in Morrisville, Vermont. “Sure makes walking or biking to work easy!” she says. Continue Reading ›

2013 CrossFit Games

Aug 16, 2013

Concept2 CTS had a nice showing at the 2013 CrossFit Games in Carson, California, July 24-28. The CrossFit Games are the culmination of a season of CrossFit events that whittle down the athlete pool to approximately 100 of the world’s fittest people. At the Games, these athletes are competing for the title of the “Fittest on Earth” and cash prizes. Continue Reading ›

20 x 30 Seconds Full Power with a CrossFit Champion

Jun 04, 2012

Rowing is not like rowing. This is something I (painfully) learned last weekend during the CrossFit Regionals in Ballerup, Denmark, while I was working out with Mikko Salo and Juha Puonti from Rogue Fitness (manufacturer of CrossFit equipment). Mikko won the CrossFit Games in 2009. As a competitive on water rower, I usually row for 30–45 minutes at low intensity and a heart rate near 145. From time to time I go for 250 or 500 meter sprints for interval work. The workout on the indoor rower with Mikko and Juha, however, was totally new to me: 30 seconds full power followed by 30 seconds rest for 20 repetitions. Continue Reading ›

Waking up to Reebok/CrossFit

Sep 19, 2011
Travel is already difficult enough with plenty of drinking, lots of eating, and little sleep, so during my last trip to Seoul, Korea, I added a little extra, CrossFit at 6:30 a.m.! The time didn’t matter, since there is this thing called jetlag, so why not join a Reebok CrossFit class after three hours of sleep? Continue Reading ›

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CrossFit Rowing at Concept2

Jun 22, 2010

On the weekend of June 12 and 13, Concept2 hosted a CrossFit Certification on Rowing.  Fifteen CrossFitters from around the U.S. and Canada, came to Vermont to perfect their rowing skills both on and off-water.  Below is a report on the event from Terry Smythe.Terry is a Master Indoor Rowing Instructor and longtime rower.  She is the owner and founder of UCanRow2, an organization dedicated to bringing rowing to athletes of all ages and abilities.  Terry has recently taken on the job of coordinating indoor rowing instructor certification for Concept2 CTS.  Terry has worked with a diverse range of rowers, both on-water and off, for over 30 years.  She has also been known to row well over a million meters single-handedly for the World Rowing Challenge.From Terry:What do you get when you combine Concept2, Master Trainers, CrossFitters, and Craftsbury Sculling Center? You get a CrossRow experience like no other! The Concept2 CrossFit Certification June 12 & 13 was an action-packed weekend of incredible instruction and leadership by Master Trainers Angela Hart and Jon Gilson. Continue Reading ›

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