Sochi Update: Results for our Local Olympians

Feb 27, 2014

Four SkiErgs in the Dry-Fire room in the Endurance Village at Sochi!

We’ve been following our Vermont local Olympians through their competitions in Sochi. Two athletes are members of the US Cross Country Ski Team, and two are members of the US Biathlon Team. The US biathletes brought a SkiErg along for the last few weeks leading up to Sochi and used it for specific strength workouts. When they got to Sochi, they were pleasantly surprised (as we were!) to find four SkiErgs in the dry-fire room!

Here’s a summary of their results:

Nordic Skiing

Liz Stephen

  • 12th place 2x7.5km Skiathlon
  • 9th place in 4x5km
  • Relay (9th fastest on 3rd leg)
  • 24th place in 30km Freestyle

Ida Sargent

  • 19th place Freestyle Sprint
  • 34th place in 10km Classic


Susan Dunklee

  • 14th Women’s 7.5km Sprint—Best ever Olympic performance by a US woman!
  • 18th in Women’s Pursuit
  • 34th in Women’s Individual
  • 12th in Women’s Mass Start—NEW best ever Olympic performance by a US woman!
  • 9th in Mixed Relay
  • 7th in Women's Relay

Hannah Dreissigacker

  • 65th in Women’s 7.5km Sprint
  • 23rd in Women’s Individual
  • 9th in Mixed Relay
  • 7th in Women's Relay

The U.S. Women's Biathlon Team: Hannah Dreissigacker, Susan Dunklee, Sara Studebake and Annelies Cook

Susan, Hannah and Ida on the Olympic Rings!

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