Skiing a Million Meters

Jun 25, 2010

As soon as we released the Concept2 SkiErg into the market, we knew it wouldn’t be long before an avid user hit 1 million meters. But who would it be? And how long would it take? Apparently it doesn’t take long! Especially when you commit to a regular schedule of fitness.

Randy with his Jon Boat

Randy Marvin must have made the nice list last year, because Santa brought him a SkiErg for Christmas 2009. Since then, he has skied 10K five times a week during his lunch break, eventually racking in enough meters to surpass the 1 million meter mark! His lunchtime ski allows him to “keep his evenings free” for rowing on his Model C Indoor Rower. So I guess it comes as no surprise that Randy is already a member of the Million Meter Club for rowing. He rowed nearly 4 million meters last season. And now he is the FIRST member of the SkiErg Million Meter Club! (We’re a little worried he’s addicted; but it is a healthy addiction, not the type where we would call in Dr. Drew and put him on a documentary.)

Anyone chasing down Randy’s lead in meters will be glad to hear there’s a reprieve: Randy spends much of his time during the summer at a nearby lake rowing his Jon boat. But come fall, he expects to be “back at it full force”.

Randy’s candid review of the SkiErg: “I feel that Concept2 has another winner in the SkiErg and would recommend it to anybody needing a change from rowing”. Thanks for the kind words; we can’t wait to watch the SkiErg Million Meter Club grow.

Please help us congratulate Randy on his fine accomplishment. Keep up the great meters!

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