The SkiErg Loppet Starts!

Jul 01, 2010

The SkiErg Loppet started yesterday! started yesterday! The goal is to complete 100k on the SkiErg in the month of July. That comes out to an average of about 3226 meters per day…or 20 days of 5k each…or any other way you want to slice it.

I have to confess that I had forgotten about the Loppet starting until Dena here at Concept2 reminded me yesterday afternoon. (Thanks, Dena!) But as it happened, I had started the day with 10 minutes of SkiErging out on our porch before breakfast.

And after Dena’s reminder, I did another couple kilometers at Concept2 in the afternoon. This is what I love about challenges—they are a great motivator to do more meters than you would have done otherwise!

Josh is doing the challenge, too. Below is a shot of the Concept2 workout room, where he skied 5500m yesterday. Trevor has also started the challenge, and got in 5k. We’re on our way!

Right now there’s still plenty of time to join! Don’t have a SkiErg? To find the closest SkiErg, check out our SkiErg Finder.

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