Skeleton Crew Challenge

Oct 25, 2013


It’s a short, sweet challenge: Row and/or ski at least 31,000 meters between October 25 and October 31. You can do it on the SkiErg, the indoor rower, or a combination of the two. It’s an average of less than 5k per day—so no excuses! Get the kids to do it, too! (Kids aged 16 and under will be recognized at 10,000 meters.)

Here’s what you’ll get for completing the challenge:

• Name inclusion on the Skeleton Crew Honor Boards.

• A specially designed downloadable certificate.

• A Skeleton Crew heat transfer for making your own T-shirt.

• For-purchase Skeleton Crew goodies at our third-party fulfillment vendor.

Happy Halloween from all of us at Concept2!

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We’d like to dedicate the first day of the Holiday Challenge to basement and storage room users everywhere. (Link in bio to challenge) Via @concept2greg Ok time to pull the pin on the #Concept2 2017 Holiday Challenge. #BikeErg meters count for 1/2 so little #SkiErg work as well. Basement Dweller for the next month. Go to and open a logbook to start.

concept2inc 11 hours 48 min ago.
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