Setting the SkiErg Records Straight

Sep 18, 2013

On July 4 this year, Joey Chestnut stood at Nathan’s Hot Dogs in Coney Island and sized up another wiener. He’d already managed 68 in the previous ten minutes of the famous annual contest, but one more would set a new world record. There was already clear blue water between him and the other contestants, but he had his sights set on glory, and with one final push, he chomped his way into history.

Records are how we define the limits of humanity. We know it’s possible for man to run 100m in 9.58 seconds because that’s what Usain Bolt crested the line in. For years people wondered whether a lightweight indoor rower could go under 6 minutes for 2000m, only stopping when the Danish phenom Henrik Stephansen smashed through that mark.

We’ve held indoor rowing records for a number of years now. They range from Leo Young’s time of 1:10.5 for the 500m, to the longest continual row set by the combined effort of Leander Rowing Club, Clarendon High School for Girls Rowing Club and Selborne College Rowing Club in South Africa, where 139 athletes rowed for an awe-inspiring 44 days, three hours and 15 minutes.

Since the SkiErg was introduced in June 2009, we’ve had thousands of entries in the Rankings, so we thought it was finally time to recognize some official records. To start off with, we only have World and American records for 500m and 1000m, but we’re sure that as more people catch the record-setting bug we’ll be adding extra categories in the future.

SkiErg World Record holder, Chris McLaughlin, looking happy on his SkiErg

The world record holders are a cosmopolitan bunch, with a heavy North American presence balanced out by record holders from Estonia, Sweden, Norway and Great Britain. Like indoor rowing records, we have age categories starting from 12 and under. Colorado’s Alice Bosworth, whose time of 9:48.9 is the best in the 80-89 Women’s 1000m category, is our oldest record holder at the age of 88.

You can find all the times, along with full guidelines, in the SkiErg records section, so if you have your sights set on writing yourself into the books, now’s the time to get skiing!

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