Rooftop Solar

Sep 24, 2013

Our seven tracking solar PV arrays have pretty much exhausted the available space on the ground here in the Industrial Park, but only provide about a fourth of our electricity needs. Conveniently, we have plenty of south-facing roof space. And with the cost of solar panels coming down over the past few years, we decided it was time to explore the possibility of rooftop solar. We crunched the numbers, and they came out well.

Our current solar trackers, with the main C2 building in the background.

However, we ran into an unexpected hurdle: the solar incentives in Vermont have been so effective that our local power company was nearing its limit for accepting new applications for grid-tied solar projects! Darn. All that was left was 46 kW—so we took it. We are not alone in hoping that the state adjusts its legislation soon to allow further solar development. This project will use less than half of our available rooftop space.

This south-facing roof on our Engineering building will be home to the new 46kW of rooftop solar PV.

If all goes according to plan, installation should begin by the end of September and be completed by the end of October. Our roof will then feature 198 new solar panels, and we will have roughly doubled our electricity production.

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