Regionals Done. Next Stop: The CrossFit Games

Jun 04, 2014

The last of the CrossFit Regionals took place this weekend as we steam toward the pinnacle event of the sport: The CrossFit Games, held the end of July. Thousands tuned in over the past month to watch the fittest CrossFit athletes from around the world grind through seven grueling events over three days. From one-legged squats to handstand push-ups to legless rope climbs and just about everything in between (including two 50 calorie rows!), these athletes displayed strength, agility and tenacity as their physical abilities were put to the test.

A huge shout out to all the athletes who competed, and a special nod to the five athletes from our home state of Vermont who qualified for the Regionals this year: Mat (@MathewFras), Trevor (@trev_james), Tyler, Dani (@CVCrossfit), and Cady! Way to leave it all out on the floor.

We're looking forward to watching more great feats of athleticism at the Games starting July 25. Best of luck to all!

For more info, to access archived events, or to stream the Games, visit

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