Records Are Made To Be Broken

Jan 31, 2013

The World Indoor Rowing Championships will be held February 17, 2013 at the CRASH-B Sprints. The spectator-friendly event attracts international talent, and world records are often broken here in the competitive atmosphere. This year, we’ve already seen four world records broken at the 2k distance. Will there be more?

The new black Model D will be featured at the CRASH-Bs this year. While we can unequivocally confirm that it is the same self-calibrating Performance Monitor, perhaps rowing on a black indoor rower has the same effect as black jerseys: In the National Hockey League (NHL), players in black jerseys played more aggressively than when wearing white jerseys. We look forward to seeing aggressive strokes that shatter world record times.

Henrik Stephansen (rowing on the new black Model D!), improved his 2k world record this past weekend at the Danish Championships with a new Men’s Lightweight time of 5:56.7. World records can happen at any age: Jørgen Engelbrecht broke the Lightweight Men's age 65-69 World Record in a time of 6:57.5. Englebrecht was a 1970 World Champion in the M2x. Also this past weekend, Gill Prescott set a new world record for Women Heavyweight, age 55-59, with a row of 7:21.1 at the English Indoor Rowing Championships. We continue to be inspired here at Concept2: The day after his 70th birthday, Bernhard Strocka rowed 6:54.8 for a new world record in the Men's Heavyweight age 70-74 category.

Henrik Stephansen rowing to a previous world record at the CRASH-B Sprints

The World Indoor Rowing Championships is open to all abilities and ages. Join us in Boston and test yourself against the best! You may be able to set a personal best if not a world record. All the indoor rowers brought to the event will be for sale at a discount. Call Nathan (extension 3066) to bring home a souvenir that will challenge you for a lifetime!

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