No Snow, No Problem!

Dec 29, 2011

My SkiErg is getting lots of use, even when I am not near it! Back in the cities, the advanced training group from Balance Nordic used it as a threshold 2k max effort testing device to set training zones for the season. Joel Woodward, one of the group’s core members, told me in an email, “I literally still had the shakes when I went to bed… that test is so hard!” After seeing many people compete in the SkiErg World Sprints 1000m competition, I could vouch for that statement!

Joel said the 2k took him about 9:50, but the fastest time was 9:35. He mentioned that pacing was key to success, due to how long the test took. It was a cool team building event, and everyone had fun encouraging on the others. And I thought four minutes was long!

I have been on the road since the beginning of November as my team, CXC, drove to ski and race in West Yellowstone and Bozeman, Montana, Silverstar Resort and Rossland, British Columbia. Now I am finally home in Vermont for Christmas, then I head to U.S. Nationals in Maine. I have enjoyed encountering SkiErgs throughout the country: I saw one in a gym in Utah and another in Big Sky, Montana. I believe they are becoming more popular due to the lack of snow everywhere! We got lucky, because snow has been magnificent at all of the race locations.

It is, however, currently raining outside, so hopefully that luck will follow me to Vermont!

Happy Holidays!

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