More Solar for C2

Oct 11, 2011

When we put in our first four solar trackers last summer, we had really hoped to be able to install more but we ran into space limitations due to our septic field. Then, earlier this summer, the town sewer line was extended to the industrial park where we are located and we were able to connect to it. That opened the door for us to install three additional solar arrays, and nearly double our power production.

Installing the bases for the new solar trackers.

There are 24 PV panels on each tracker.

But before installing the new trackers, we wanted to do a thorough review of the numbers. The state scenario in terms of rebates and incentives had changed since we purchased the first four trackers last year, so it was important to make sure that the installation still made economic sense. The numbers were crunched, and the verdict was yes.

The installation crew arrived last Tuesday, and by Friday the three new trackers were in. We’re excited to announce that they are now online and helping reduce our electric bill. Altogether, the 7 trackers should produce about 20% of our electrical needs.

Installation complete: The three new ones are to the left. The four to the right were installed last summer.

Check out our production here.

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