Last Day of Olympic Racing

Aug 03, 2012

There is one more day of racing at the Olympic rowing venue. At this stage, the work of the oar service team is done, barring catastrophe. Throughout the summer, we have been at the major World Cup races supporting these athletes by making sure their equipment is in top condition.

Today and tomorrow we are keeping fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong. With one day remaining, 19 of 30 medals have been won using Concept2 oars, and tomorrow’s four remaining races are looking very promising with some spectacular athletes using Ultralight and Skinny shafts.

Stay tuned for a complete Concept2 medal count at the completion of rowing.

Oar Team relaxing after ensuring all Concept2 oars were race-ready in London

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Oar Technician and Regatta Repair Specialist, Bob, measuring the pitch of an oar before it gets ready to ship. #VermontMade #Concept2

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