Josh Carlson USA vs. Mats Stortebecker Sweden

Feb 18, 2011

For this year’s Tour de SkiErg, Josh Carlson (Customer Service) here at Concept2 decided to place a little side wager with his friend Mats Stortebecker of Sweden. As Josh explains:

“First, a little background: Mats was the guy who picked me up at the airport in Sweden when I travelled there to race in the Swedish Vasaloppet. Out of 16,000 racers on a 90 kilometer race course, Mats and I finished five minutes off each other yet did not see each other once during the race. Mats was great to have as a guide while in Sweden and will forever be a friend…and competitor!

“The Concept2 Tour de SkiErg is a race series that happens during the month of February. Each week is a different race distance on the Concept2 SkiErg and your final result is based on your average pace over all four races, which means no slacking off. My wager with Mats is simple: if Mats wins I send him a Concept2 t-shirt and if I win, he sends me a t-shirt from the new health club he and his wife, Asa, opened this year in northern Sweden—equipped with SkiErgs, of course. Mats was so excited about the challenge that he made sure to have some other club members join in, including some ringers (one club member is a cousin of the winner of last year’s Vasaloppet).

“The challenge has turned into Sweden vs. the US and not just me vs. Mats. It has been great to have this challenge with someone from a country that is famous for Nordic skiing. Here is a video of Mats doing his 500 meter race, just so you can see what I am up against!”

Follow results on the Tour de SkiErg Honor Board. You can join the challenge and test yourself against Josh and Mats in the Concept2 Online Logbook. Good luck!

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