Hooray for Challenges

Oct 27, 2010

Here’s the scenario: I rowed in my last on-water race of the year this past weekend. It was the Head of the Charles in Boston, and I rowed in the Grand Masters Eights on Saturday morning. I was at two seat in the 1980 Rowing Club eight, which took third place. We finished behind the same two crews as last year—but this time we were a little closer to them, and a little further ahead of the 4th place crew. All good, especially at this age where it is nice to see improvement from year to year, because more often you don’t!

But back to the value of challenges. So my rowing season is over and it’s time to shift toward skiing. Yesterday I went running and SkiErged. But today has been rainy and gray—a perfect day for rowing on the indoor rower—except that now the racing season is over and I don’t really feel like rowing! But I knew I’d feel better for the rest of the day if I got in a workout, so I changed into rowing clothes and headed for the C2 workout room.

Don likes to watch movies while he rows.

I noticed Don, half of our IT team, on an indoor rower and was surprised, because I hadn’t seen him in the workout room for a while. As I sat down, he asked me if I was doing the “Skeleton Crew”—our annual Halloween challenge. Of course—the Skeleton Crew! I hadn’t thought of it until he mentioned it. Of course I would do the Skeleton Crew, and now I had a reason to row and a goal for my workout. 

The Skeleton Crew challenge is to row or ski 31,000 meters total between October 25 and Halloween (Sunday, October 31). Read the details here.

Don rowing to “Ironman.”

There’s still time to join! You can even choose to row or ski all 31k in one piece if you like that kind of challenge. So now I’ve got 24k more to get in between now and Sunday.

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