A Guide to Watching the 2013 World Rowing Championships

Aug 21, 2013

2013 World Rowing Championships, Chungju, Korea

Racing at this year’s World Rowing Championships begins on August 25 in Chungju, Korea. Most crews arrived at least a week before the start date to allow plenty of time to adjust to the time change—it’s 13 hours ahead of Concept2’s Eastern Time! There were also rental boats to locate and rig, custom oars to decorate with national colors, and some very hot and humid weather to get adjusted to. From all the reports we’ve heard to date, the venue is outstanding, the people are friendly and enthusiastic, and it promises to be an excellent regatta—if a little too warm.

If you’re interested in catching some of the action, there are several ways you can follow the events.

Ben Dann, an athlete with CGRP, returning from a practice row

We are excited that our team of oar specialists will be on site to help athletes with any last minute tune ups to their oars. And keep an eye out for Concept2 oars and sculls! You will recognize them by the bright lime green sleeves, where the oar pivots in the oarlock.

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