Gobbling up extra calories with our Annual Holiday Challenge

Nov 24, 2010

Brine that turkey,
Bake that pie,
Join the Holiday Challenge,
Watch the pounds go bye bye!

The Concept2 Holiday Challenge starts TOMORROW (November 25) and continues through 11:59 p.m. ET December 24. Get your meters in early!

This is our most popular challenge with over 11,000 participating annually. Join our Facebook Concept2 Holiday Challenge page to meet and motivate other participants! 

This year, we’re also raising money to protect water as a resource for health and conservation.  Sign up online where you can also choose to support Water for People, International Rivers, or charity: water.

We’re giving thanks to health and fitness. Enjoy the holiday season!

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We’d like to dedicate the first day of the Holiday Challenge to basement and storage room users everywhere. (Link in bio to challenge) Via @concept2greg Ok time to pull the pin on the #Concept2 2017 Holiday Challenge. #BikeErg meters count for 1/2 so little #SkiErg work as well. Basement Dweller for the next month. Go to Concept2.com and open a logbook to start.

concept2inc 13 hours 45 min ago.
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