Get Your Feet Wet!

Jun 03, 2014

Picture this: You’re gliding across a smooth lake listening to the rhythmic splash, splash of your oars as they catch and release the water. With every stroke your boat is propelled forward, slicing through the water in a powerful, yet graceful dance of body and boat. This could be you!

Maybe it’s time to translate your indoor rowing experience to the water. It may give you a whole new outlook on your indoor workouts. On Saturday, June 7, National Learn to Row Day is taking place at rowing clubs and boathouses across the country. This is an annual event where rowing facilities open their doors to anyone who wants to try rowing—FREE!

It’s never too early or too late to take up the sport. For more information and a list of host locations go to

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The water may be a bit too cold here in VT, but functional elevated heart rate deck furniture is in! Our employees at Concept2 are raring to play outside. While some were hiking to ski, others were getting meters in! #Concept2

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