The Final Olympic Tally

Aug 06, 2012
Coming into the dock, the gold medal Danish lightweight double finds a new use for the Skinny scull as a celebratory flag.

The last of the Olympic rowing is over, and it is time to summarize results. We have a special interest in how Concept2 oars finish. This year has the added twist of being the first year the new Skinny shafts are being raced with extensively.

Here is how it shaped up:

  • Of the 84 boats making it into the finals, 59 were rowing with Concept2 (70%); 13 of those were Skinny.
  • Of the 13 boats using Skinnys in the finals, 8 medaled (1 gold, 4 silver, 3 bronze).

The medal count for Concept2 out of all rowing events looks like this:

  • GOLD 9 (out of 14)
  • SILVER 13 (out of 14)
  • BRONZE 7 (out of 14)

Congratulations to all the athletes!

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