February is Challenge Month!

Jan 27, 2012

Ok, that’s not really what we call it, but with three great challenges to partake in, this February offers several reasons to get off your couch and on your erg! Here’s the lineup:

The Military Challenge
Debuting this year, the Military Challenge is open to all able-bodied and adaptive athletes who are or have been in the military. This challenge pits you against other military branches and affiliations worldwide to see which group can row or ski the most meters throughout the month. Learn More

The Tour de SkiErg
Back for its third year, the Tour de SkiErg challenges you to complete a designated workout each week of the month. You’ll start with a 5000m event and end with the big 10k. Can you make it through all four events? Learn More

The Valentine Challenge
And, finally, what would February be without our popular Valentine Challenge? Luckily, we don’t have to find out! Row and/or ski 14,000m between February 9 and 14, and you’ll be able to download your choice of Concept2-designed Valentine’s Day cards to send to your friends and loved ones! Learn More

Happy February erging, everyone!

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