Fall Team Challenge Recap

Oct 28, 2013

A total of 268 teams, composed of 3696 people, logged 378,686,163 meters on the indoor rower and SkiErg between September 15 and October 15. There were 551 individuals who surpassed 200,000 meters!

Here’s a list of the top team in each category with the most meters:

  • Corporate Fitness Facility: VaughanCon2 Crew—3,376,402 meters
  • Correctional Facility: Wormwood Scrubs—213,175 meters
  • Fire/Rescue/Police Club: Sault Fire—2,382,715 meters
  • Health Club: Greenville Indoor Rowing—13,554,930 meters
  • Military Club: Team NAS Pensacola—7,466,623 meters
  • On-Water Club: SLRC Masters and Friends—3,169,696 meters
  • School Club: SLU Crew—3,021,098 meters
  • Virtual Team: French Indoor Rowers Team—33,419,985 meters
  • YMCA: Buckhorn/Welland—4,868,707 meters

Congratulations to all teams—especially to ZLAC Rowing Club of San Diego, California, for winning the random drawing for a new Concept2 Indoor Rower! Visit concept2.com/ftc for a complete list of Fall Team Challenge results.

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