Employee Profile: Martin Stridde

Nov 19, 2013

It was 15 years ago when Martin Stridde first joined Concept2. As the head point person for Concept2’s German team, and head of market development for Europe, India, and Russia, Martin says “I just love the diversity of my job.” And it’s no wonder considering the varied background and interests that Martin has brought with him to the job.

Martin’s rowing experience began in school when he was 14 years old. After college, he went to business school in Hamburg, Germany, earning a degree as an “Außenhandelskaufmann” (a foreign exchange trader). Meanwhile, he began working for the leading chemical trading company in Hamburg trading glycols. “After almost five years in the chemical business, I decided to try something totally different, and I joined Tom Tailor, a fashion company in Hamburg. It took me four months to figure that fashion is not my cup of tea, so I quit my job not yet knowing what I wanted to do.” On that very same day, he talked to the Concept2 dealer in Germany and was offered a job.

Today, Martin is in charge of Concept2 Germany’s team of nine employees. Additionally, he manages European Concept2 dealers and develops new markets like India and Russia. He also consults with the SkiErg Team at Concept2 US.

“I just love the diversity of my job,” he says, adding “Concept2 is probably the coolest place to work!”

Outside of work, Martin still enjoys rowing (indoors and out). Besides that, he and his wife, Tina, spend most of their free time with their two horses. “While Tina does dressage with her horse, I love to jump. I’m not sure though if my horse loves it. I am 197 cm tall (6’5”) and weigh 105 KG (231 lbs),” Martin jokes.

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Via @bobbymaximus Just watched @eddiehallwsm pull a World Record 100m SkiErg. Did it in 13.2. Actually saw a 1:01/500m speed on the screen. His previous best was 13.7 but with some tips from Bobby Maximus he absolutely destroyed that. All hail the “King Of The SkiErg” and the World’s Strongest Man. #concept2

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