The Dynamic in Production!

Dec 07, 2010

We’re excited to confirm that we were able to begin production of the new Dynamic Indoor Rower in late November, and we have shipped the first few out the door!

Kevin assembling front leg/monitor arms.

Developing production processes for a new product is always slow-going at first, and the Dynamic has been no exception. It’s important to take the time to establish the best ways of doing the assembly so as to reliably produce a top quality product. There have also been tweaks to a few parts, and improvements to the pre-assembly, designed to make the final assembly easier for the customer.

Pete and Dick are part of the production team.

As you can imagine, this has kept the manual-writing team on their toes, taking new pictures and making updates to the copy as needed! We’re getting positive and constructive feedback from early recipients, which is very helpful.

Suzanne gets the latest edits to the assembly manual.

We’re working hard to build production numbers so that we can catch up with the growing backlog of orders. Our production team has been as busy as Santa’s elves, arriving before dawn to assemble, test row, box, and ship!

We’re on our way!

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