Dynamic Erg Prototype goes to Canadian Henley

Aug 26, 2010

When was the last time you saw athletes waiting in line to have a turn at rowing on an ergometer?

Those of you who are young enough to remember the days of the travelling Gessing ergometer, that slick orange Norwegian machine used by national team selectors around the world back in the ‘80s, may conjure up a memory of athletes waiting for their chance to post a score. And of course, in modern times, the scenario plays out in warm-up tents at rowing regattas and at indoor regattas.

But really, waiting in line to try a rowing machine?

The Dynamic Erg Prototype was a bit of a magnet during its recent showing at Canadian Henley. Over a period of 2.5 days, approximately 450 athletes, coaches and average citizens, gave the new ergometer a serious going over.

Yep, there were some raised eyebrows, lots of good questions, head nods in response to its size, tough guys trying to post the lowest split they could, and a common review that went something like:

“This machine really makes me concentrate on rowing well…which is good!”

Malcolm Howard, Canadian men’s sculler and gold medalist in Beijing in the M8+, was kind enough to log some kilometers on the Dynamic Erg Prototype in St. Catharines.

Here is some footage of Malcolm rowing on the new dynamic erg and the traditional Model D:

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