The Dynamic Erg Prototype at the European Championships

Oct 06, 2010

The dynamic erg prototype made appearances at two major regattas in September: the World Masters Regatta in Canada and the European Championships in Portugal. This exposure gave us access to the impressions of current elite athletes as well as veterans in the sport. We’ve also received valuable feedback from several national teams training in both hemispheres. While the overall feedback continues to be positive, user comments have helped us identify a few more changes that will further improve the performance of the new design.

Below you’ll find a collection of short videos that show how the dynamic erg works. These videos were taken at the European Championships.

Lassi Karonen, M1X Sweden

Ekaterina Karsten, W1X Belarus

Kaspar Taimsoo, M2X Estonia

Allar Raja, M2X Estonia

Ilona Hiltunen, Finnish rowing coach

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