In Development: ErgCoach

Dec 21, 2011

I enjoyed the opportunity to travel to Saratoga Springs, New York with Peter Dreissigacker for the Joy of Sculling Conference December 9–11. Jim Joy has done an amazing job of building this conference into one of the largest gatherings of rowing coaches from both the US and Canada. The success of this conference was further confirmed by several of the award recipients who mentioned that they attended when they were first starting out as coaches, and the influence it had on their careers. I was impressed with the variety of talks and the different coaching backgrounds that the conference presented to the attendees.

We were excited to talk to coaches about the Skinny shaft, the Dynamic Indoor Rower, and, most popular among the crowd, the development of a new iPad app for coaches. Peter and I had numerous conversations about the evolution of the Skinny and how it will be a great asset to anyone who wants to benefit from the efficiency of the Fat2 blade. We saw many people test out Dynamics and Link them up so they could row two machines together. However, it was clear that what drove most people to visit us was the pre-alpha version of ErgCoach. ErgCoach is an iPad app that will be able to manage all your indoor training. You will be able to electronically keep all your roster information up to date, set up workouts via a wireless communication with the PM4 monitor, and collect data from the performance monitor in real time. Once the workout is over, there is no writing down data or transferring it from logcards. The iPad will store all the data and generate reports via Microsoft Excel or PDF, allowing you to create graphs and see trends. We hope to have this app available in the coming year.

Now it’s a quick break for most coaches for the holidays, then we start gearing up for London 2012. See you on the water!

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