Concept2's "Bright Idea" Tastes Great

Dec 24, 2012

Happy Holidays!

As December wraps up, we're excited for January 2013 to begin. Concept2 employees now eagerly anticipate the first Wednesday of each month, not because we’re happily rowing or paychecks are handed out, but because of Potluck Wednesdays.

Don and Sue Zukswert in our IT Department noticed that Concept2 employees enjoyed eating together—whether at our summer BBQ or holiday party—and started the tradition of the monthly potluck. The Concept2 kitchen is a perfect spot to catch-up with colleagues, and Potluck Wednesdays have become a very popular way for employees to try new recipes, share produce from their gardens, and enjoy lunch together.

Each year, Concept2 employees nominate a colleague for the “Bright Idea” award, an award that honors a colleague who has done something to improve a product, service, or the company. This year Don and Sue won for their popular monthly potluck idea. Congratulations Don and Sue! Potluck Wednesdays have quickly become a favorite, so we’re hopeful the tradition continues. It has been a great way to bring together employees across many different departments to share in delicious creations.

This month, a rumor quickly spread in the morning that Kevin (in Engineering) was making fresh breakfast sandwiches. The bounty grew as salads, dips, soups, pastas and desserts arrived throughout the day. Thankfully many employees participate in the Holiday Challenge, because while everything tastes delicious, it isn’t necessarily low calorie! We have a few more hours to finish up our challenge meters!

Favorite recipes are shared and swapped. Don wowed us at the first Potluck Wednesday with this recipe for Macaroni and Cheese with Mushrooms and Bacon from Epicurious. Enjoy!

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