Closing the Food Loop at Concept2

Jun 04, 2013

As part of Concept2’s commitment to the environment, we have begun composting at our offices. We recently signed up with the Highfields Center for Composting’s “Close the Loop!” program. This means that we will now keep composting bins throughout our facility, and that all employees have been trained on the ins and outs of what should go in them. Each week, all of the food scraps and paper towels we collect will be picked up by the Highfields Center to become high quality compost for our community.

We are proud to be working towards a more sustainable future for its own sake, but we’re also excited to be ahead of the curve on some future legislation. Vermont has passed a law that will make composting of organic materials mandatory by 2020. The Close the Loop! program is a great example of how businesses like ours can comply with this legislation.

This is one of our latest “Green Team” successes. The Green Team is a group of employees who meet to discuss and implement ways for Concept2 to continually reduce its environmental impact. Ideas range from saving energy with motion sensor lights to installing more solar panels on our roofs. Stay tuned for updates as more of our green initiatives come true!

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