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Mar 11, 2013

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we've come through the darkest days of the indoor training season. While we watch the days lengthen and countdown to the on water season, we've got a few more online challenges in store to get you through the hump. But first, a recap!

February brought us not one but three (!) online challenges:

  • The Tour de SkiErg, a month-long challenge to complete each of four SkiErg events. This year the number of people who completed the challenge nearly doubled over last year!
  • The Military Challenge, a month-long challenge for active duty members and veterans to row or ski as many meters as possible. Now in its second year, 438 participants completed over 35 million meters!
  • The Valentine Challenge, where challengers complete 14,000 meters from Febraury 9–14 to earn Valentine greetings to give to their loved ones. This year, over 4000 people participated—that's a lot of happy loved ones!

And here's what's in-progress and in store:

The March Madness challenge began March 1st and is now in full swing with two levels to choose from:

  • Row or ski 5000 meters daily for 25 days or more in March
  • Row or ski 10,000 meters daily for 25 days or more in March

New this year is the 2500 meter level for kids and adaptive athletes, so if you're a kid or an adaptive athlete, you can choose to participate at any of the three levels.

Finally, our last Team Challenge of the 2013 Ranking Year, the World Erg Challenge, begins March 15th. You have until April 1st to join or start a team, so there's still time! This month-long challenge has you row or ski as many meters as you can for your team from March 15–April 15. It's a great way to add a bunch of meters to your online logbook before a new Ranking Year begins on May 1.

Learn more about these and all our challenges at See you on the honor boards!

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