The C2 Garden: Growing for Rowing

Jun 07, 2010

Last year we planted vegetables instead of flowers in a few of the big planter buckets that greet visitors near the front entry. It was fun, but just a token in terms of really feeding people. This year, the whole front “yard” of our newly-purposed (now inhabited by Engineering and R&D—more on this in another post) north building has been turned into a vegetable garden! The plan is to improve Concept2’s landscaping with edibles that will be shared among employees. Credit for this good idea goes to Trevor (Tech Support & Engineering) and Stephen (Engineering), and various other people who stop by to pick rocks and pull weeds from time to time.

The problem was that the front “yard” was pretty nasty when they started.  There were a couple of ornamental yews that had been there for about 10 years, and if you’ve ever tried to remove a yew…well, it’s not easy. After a lot of hacking and digging, they ended up having to get a friend with a tractor to come and yank them out.

Then they faced the fact that the soil was pretty poor and there was a lot of gravel.  So they brought in some topsoil and a couple loads of compost to mix in with the soil.  It’s still pretty rocky soil, as you can see in the pictures. (It didn’t look quite so bad before the rain came and washed the soil off all the rocks!)

Part of the plan was to re-arrange the gutters on the roof so as to fill a couple of rain barrels to use for watering. This was a good plan, but the weather didn’t initially cooperate, and we had a really dry stretch for the last two weeks of May.  We had to use tap water to keep things from drying out. But then it rained—and rained some more—and now Trevor wishes he had several more rain barrels.

But things are growing!!  A lot of what you see was started indoors and transplanted out—but the lettuces, beets and other greens were grown from seed. We figured that if we shared some of these early photos, unimpressive as they are, the shots we take in August will look really good!

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