Another Fall Team Challenge is in the Books

Oct 24, 2012

A total of 188 teams, composed of 3247 people, logged 308,256,325 meters on the indoor rower and SkiErg between September 15 and October 15. The average number of meters rowed per person was about 95,000 and there were 485 individuals who surpassed 200,000 meters!

Here at Concept2, we had a team of 29 people and were excited to hold on to 19th place overall and 2nd place in the Corporate Fitness Facility division.

It always amazes me how motivating these challenges are—even for those of us at C2 who create them! I always row more frequently and longer during challenges than I normally would. Usually I’m feeling pretty good to make it to 200k, but this year I got there early and could not resist the temptation of going for 300k. It took several days of 15+k in the last week, but I made it!

Here’s a list of the top team in each category with the most meters:

  • Corporate Fitness Facility: SanDisk Corporate Headquarters—4,288,169 meters
  • Correctional Facility: Aviron Indoor Penitentiaire—5,832,342
  • Fire/Rescue/Police Club: Marine Corps Logistics Base Fire Dept—870,929 meters
  • Health Club: Greenville Indoor Rowing—13,001,033 meters
  • Military Club: Team NAS Pensacola—7,064,667 meters
  • On-Water Club: Rote 87 Rowing Club—2,852,735 meters
  • School Club: SLU Crew—1,792,722 meters
  • Virtual Team: Age Without Limits—43,095,637 meters
  • YMCA: West Side YMCA—2,272,561 meters

Congratulations to all teams—especially to Pasco Health and Fitness, of Lutz, Florida, for winning the random drawing for a new Concept2 Indoor Rower!

Visit for a complete list of Fall Team Challenge results.

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