Annual C2 Family BBQ Takes a Local Turn

Jun 26, 2013

Each June, Concept2 holds a family cookout, right at our headquarters, after work. It’s a time for everyone to bring the whole family, and their bicycles, to C2—and we’re all amazed by how much each kid has grown since the previous year! It’s a potluck affair for side dishes and desserts, with C2 providing the burgers, dogs, buns and fixings. Founders Pete, Bari, Dick and Judy share the cooking duty—and Cheryl from our Customer Service team masterminds the rest.

This year, we decided to give the event a local theme, supporting a number of local farms and businesses: local burgers from a nearby farm (Boyden Farm), local sausages made at nearby GreenTop Market, local buns ("foagies" from Elmore Mountain Bread), local beers from Rock Art Brewery, even more local beer made by C2 employee Tom Eckert—and last but not least, we had prizes (local products) for anyone whose potluck dish included at least three local ingredients. The latter challenge would have been easier later in the gardening season, but we still had several delicious local entries—including desserts! Here are a few photos from the event.

Cookout overview

Dick and Pete on duty at the grill
Dick and Pete at the grill

there were prizes for dished with local ingredients

enjoying Tom's homemade brew
Enjoying Tom's homemade brew

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