The 5th Annual SkiErg World Sprints

Nov 13, 2013

The SkiErg World Sprints is a virtual race of 1000m on the Concept2 SkiErg. It’s held annually in homes, gyms, ski clubs and fitness centers anywhere in the world—all it takes is a SkiErg and interested people. Sometimes it’s a small group of friends in a home gym; other times it’s a sizeable public event. No matter the venue, the goal is the same—your best effort for 1000 meters.

This year’s event, held November 8–10, 2013, drew 861 participants from 8 countries, with ages ranging from 6–93! The fastest men’s time was 3:05.4, pulled by Thomas Johnson of Florida. The fastest women’s time of 3:45.5 was achieved by Madelene Carlzon of Sweden. All results are posted on our website.

The SkiErg builds strength and endurance by working the entire body with the poling motion integral to all techniques of Nordic skiing. Nordic skiing is excellent cross-training for rowing, too, as it uses the same muscle groups in a complimentary motion. If you haven’t tried the SkiErg but are curious, you can use our SkiErg Finder to locate a public SkiErg near you so you can give it a try. The technique is easy to learn. Watch our technique video.

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