The 4th Annual SkiErg Sprints

Nov 14, 2012

The SkiErg Sprints is an international race of 1000m on the Concept2 SkiErg. It’s held annually in homes, gyms, ski clubs and fitness centers anywhere in the world—all it takes is a SkiErg and interested people. Sometimes it’s a small group of friends in a home gym; other times it’s a sizeable public event. No matter the venue, the goal is the same—your best effort for 1000 meters.

This year’s event, held November 9-11, 2012, drew 855 participants from 9 countries, with ages ranging from 5 to 88. Overall, the fastest Sprints time for men was 3:05.1, pulled by Ats Pärnaste from Estonia. He was just ahead of reigning champion Chris McLaughlin of New Jersey, whose 3:06.1 was still the fastest time in the 40–49 category. The fastest women’s time was achieved by Anika Miller with a blistering 3:51.4. Since its inception, Miller has been a regular competitor at the SkiErg Sprints at Rudy’s Gym in McCall, Idaho, and she’s only 17! Club Form, of Littleton, Colorado, was the lucky recipient of a SkiErg in the random drawing of all locations that had 20 or more participants.

As is usual during any erg challenge, the Concept2 workout room saw plenty of flywheel spinning—and not just by employees! Concept2 hosted its own SkiErg Sprints on Saturday, November 10. Among the competitors ringing in the ski season were a dozen 5th-8th graders from the People’s Academy Middle School Nordic Ski team in Morrisville, Vermont.

The team was invited to participate by their coach, our very own Josh Carlson of the Customer Service Team. Josh is in his second year coaching the People’s Academy Nordic team, but has been coaching some of the students since they were in kindergarten, thanks to his long-time involvement with the Bill Koch Ski League. Josh will continue to host them here at Concept2 twice a week for SkiErg workouts until there’s enough snow to move outdoors. We wish them luck this season!

If you are interested in giving the SkiErg a try, use our SkiErg Finder to locate a public SkiErg near you.

Congratulations to all participants. Think snow!

For full SkiErg Sprints results, visit:

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