Third-Party Programs

If you prefer to have a training program to follow, there are many to choose from. Here are a few.

Flexibility for Athletes

Flexibility for Athletes LogoFlexibility for Athletes uses yogic breathing techniques to optimize your training and develop peak performance. Create more body awareness, balance, strength and flexibility, and increase energy, vigor, stamina, and endurance. Developed by Ed Harrold, Flexibility for Athletes offers the best in a hybrid yoga-rowing workout. Learn more


PMAX LogoPerformance Max™ (PMAX) is a structured, 10-week cardiovascular cross-training program for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. The PMAX Team delivers audio rowing programs designed to train you both physically and mentally. These 30 to 60 minute MP3-based programs will make your training more fun and more productive. Learn more

Other Programs

Numerous independent websites—many run by on-water rowing coaches—also offer training programs: