World IRC Results 2014

Men 60–64

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Pos Name Club/Country Age Time
1Robert SpoustaOccoquan Boat Club6406:39.5
2Michael RobinsonIndianapolis Rowing Center6006:41.6
3Larry O'TooleNortheastern University Rowing Alumni6306:41.9
4Nikolay KurmakovTeam Attager6206:49.6
5Peter DreissigackerConcept26206:55.2
6Phil WendlerUnaffiliated6007:01.4
7Jonathan DorfmanUnaffiliated6007:12.2
7Dan ErnestDawson College6307:12.2
9Clarke EslerEssex Rowing Club, Inc.6107:12.5
10William BakerUnion Boat Club6207:19.5
11Victor PisinskiNortheastern University Rowing Alumni6407:27.3
12Thomas AltierCrossFit6407:30.1
13Norman LindamoodMarietta College6007:30.6
14David CrockerGenesee Rowing Club6207:34.3
15Mortimer Berkowitz IIIUnaffiliated6007:35.3
16Ted JewellTaft School6007:37.6
17George BaumgardnerUnaffiliated6107:44.4
18Frederic TompkinsSan Diego Rowing Club6207:50.2
19Robert EzzellRenegade Rowing6007:50.4
20Daniel BrewerLincoln Maritime Center6107:51.4
21Dennis BrenonUnaffiliated6407:54.7
22Paul BreenMt. Holyoke Community Rowing6007:54.9
23Bob KnappUnaffiliated6208:06.1
24Bob ChaconDragon Boat Club of Boston6108:23.7
25Richard CuretonUnaffiliated6308:39.9
26Leroy WalkerUnaffiliated6309:18.1
27Joseph ArenaAllston Piano Moving Co.6209:31.1

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