World IRC Results 2014

Women 40–49

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Pos Name Club/Country Time
1Heather KoerberUnaffiliated07:08.5
2Margit Haarh HansenConcept207:08.7
3Jill HathawayBMA Boat Club07:12.9
4Sylvia Ruth BuddenbohmConcept2 Team Germany07:13.8
5Rachel BoisselleUnaffiliated07:15.2
6Rowan CarrollUpper Valley Rowing Foundation07:18.1
7Ulrike Meike SieversConcept2 Team Germany07:21.1
8Martha GarciaREMOMEXICO-CONCEPT207:25.2
9Erica CushnaMarblehead Rowing Club Rock n Row07:27.2
10Martelle SlabbertGreenwich Crew07:29.7
11Teresa SukiennickiGenesee Rowing Club07:44.1
12Madeleine SampsonDuxbury Bay Maritime School07:44.4
13Tracey BaasGenesee Waterways Center07:45.8
14Deb KemperCommunity Rowing, Inc.07:51.7
15Christine MarriottUnaffiliated07:56.1
16Kimberley Naylor-PerrottCALSO/Team GB07:59.6
17Christina LaMonicaCooper Rowing Club08:00.2
18Samantha FratusUnaffiliated08:01.3
19Melissa GagnonCrossFit Full Potential08:14.2
20Elizabeth PerryRochester Community Inclusive Rowing08:17.3
21Carol O'LearyCrossfit the Rock08:17.8
22Amy SullivanSoutheastern Connecticut Rowing Club08:17.9
23Mary Beth GangloffUnaffiliated08:21.0
24Andrea CovelliUnaffiliated08:21.3
25Sybille MeierConcept2 Team Germany08:27.4
26Kerstin TempletonCrossfit Craic08:31.6
27Karen WickmanPlates House of Fitness08:34.6
28Lisa MurphyDuxbury Bay Maritime School08:35.5
29Jody KlenkWestford Littleton Community Crew08:37.5
30Natali Von ZmudaConcept2 Team Germany08:40.1
31Tonya TedescoCrossfit SBF08:47.4
32Nancy C. SmithDuxbury Bay Maritime School08:49.2
33Adele MyersCrossFit South Brooklyn08:54.8
34Beth McElhinneyCrossfit Craic09:24.3
35Kirsten CreightonUnaffiliated09:30.2
36Lydia KulbidaFriends of Niskayuna Rowing/ Niskayuna High School09:52.2

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