World IRC Results 2014


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Pos Name Club/Country Time
1Brian BeekSpaulding EXPD Program05:33.8
2Rob BaezSpaulding EXPD Program05:36.5
3David LeoneSpaulding EXPD Program05:41.1
4Francisco SanchezSpaulding EXPD Program05:44.8
5Fred BakerSpaulding EXPD Program05:45.2
6Troy FlaggSpaulding EXPD Program06:07.9
7Cory CookSpaulding EXPD Program06:21.2
8Pete CuddySpaulding EXPD Program06:32.4
9Nick MalafronteSpaulding EXPD Program07:13.2
10Jared CoppolaSpaulding EXPD Program07:46.5
11Tim MorrisSpaulding EXPD Program07:59.4

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