Heart Rate Monitoring

Both the PM3 and PM4 provide an easy and powerful platform for heart rate training. Your heart rate data can be displayed on the Performance Monitor in real time, as well as stored on either the PM or a LogCard for later analysis.

Direct measurement of heart rate during exercise is a powerful tool for maximizing your training. Using a heart rate monitor makes it possible to train at your ideal pace and intensity, boosting your training benefits.

Concept2 sells Polar and Garmin brand equipment.

Note: Polar W.I.N.D. products are not compatible with Concept2 Performance Monitors.

For a PM3

To display your heart rate on a PM3 monitor you need:

For a PM4

Concept2 provides a Garmin chest belt with every PM4. Due to the wireless capabilities of the PM4, no additional equipment is required to display your heart rate. The PM4 is compatible with other ANT-based heart rate training systems such as Suunto and ANT SPORT.

You can also use Polar equipment with the PM4. This requires the Concept2 heart rate receiver and cable.