Compare Monitors

The PM4 includes everything the PM3 offers and more. How to choose? Here’s a quick comparison.

Cost Least expensive Additional $150 included with the cost of the machine)
Display Options All Data, Force Curve, Pace Boat/Pacer, Bar Chart and Large Print
LogCard Removable memory card included
Heart rate monitoring Requires optional Polar receiver available from Concept2 Includes Garmin heart rate belt and supports wireless use with ANT™ Sport heart rate belts*
Power generation Two D cell batteries. Battery life extended—not replenished—during use Rechargeable battery pack. Recharges during use (or when plugged into a computer)
Games Fish Game and Biathlon Fish Game, Darts, Target Training, Biathlon
Racing capabilities Machine-to-machine wired racing for up to 80 machines (requires PC, additional cables and software) Machine-to-machine wireless racing for up to 8 machines (built-in) or up to 80 machines wired (requires PC, additional cables and software)
Future expansion Not available Available
Connectivity USB Port (includes 15’ USB cable) USB Port, ANT™ Wireless* and RJ45 connection for PC-less racing (includes 15’ USB cable)
*Note: Other ANT enabled devices may also work with the PM4; however, Concept2 does not guarantee that this will be the case. For a list of ANT compatible products, visit To determine compatibility, the best method is to try using the ANT device in question with the PM4 and see if it works.