Compare Monitors

The PM5 is our most advanced monitor. The PM3 is still available for Model D Indoor Rowers while supplies last. Need help choosing? Here’s a quick comparison.

Availability SkiErgs and all indoor rower models Model D Indoor Rowers only, while supplies last
Display Options All Data, Force Curve, Pace Boat/Pacer, Bar Chart and Large Print
Backlit Display Available Not available
Data storage options
  • USB flash drive
  • On board memory (over 1000 workouts)
  • LogCard
  • On board memory (10 workouts)
Heart rate monitoring Wireless heart rate monitoring using ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart with compatible heart rate equipment. Compatible with some Polar equipment. Requires Polar receiver available from Concept2.
Power generation Two D cell batteries. Battery life extended—not replenished—during use
Games Fish Game, Darts, Target Training, Biathlon Fish Game and Biathlon
Racing capabilities Supports wired machine to machine racing for up to 80 machines (requires PC, additional cables and software)
Support for new features Available Not available
Connectivity Supports wired connectivity to computers and smartphones USB Port (includes 15’ USB cable)